SAC Clinical Supervision Components And Qualifying Standards

Following are details of the new Clinical Supervision Components and Qualifying Standards which will come into effect on 1 July 2018.

These new Components and Qualifying Standards for Clinical Supervision were proposed by the Standing Committee on Clinical Supervision to the EXCO in 2015 and were first tabled at the 34th AGM in June 2016. Subsequently, there was a Dialogue with the EXCO in January 2017 and feedback was received from members which eventually led to the approval of the final document at the 35th AGM in March 2017.

Decisions were made on the following changes and expectations on the following 3 areas:

A.   New Clinical Supervision Components for all SAC Members

B.   New Qualifying Standards for Clinical Supervisor Applicants

C.   Renewal Process for Registered Clinical Supervisors

D.   Frequently Asked Questions