Mission & Values


To be a professional body representing the interests of counsellors and psychotherapist in Singapore, including generating knowledge sharing and establishing best practice standards, to generate continued growth of the profession to meet the interests of clients.



  1. To protect the interest of clients, the community and the profession by maintaining standards of counsellor training and practice, including establishing standards of supervision.
  2. To involve individuals, groups and stakeholders with interest in the field of counselling through dialogue and activities.
  3. To be the accreditation body for counselling professions and practitioners in Singapore

Embracing Professionalism in Counselling and Transforming to Serve the Community

The logo consists of two figures intertwined and elevated in a spiral to reflect open communication and knowledge sharing among SAC members, and with local agencies and government bodies, to achieve mutual interests and collaborative efforts in the effective provision of services to clients.

The blue hue represents the organisation’s values of professionalism, integrity and ethics, while the warm hue offers respect and diversity through protection. The five stars embedded in the blue spiral symbolises SAC’s five defining values: Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Diversity and Ethics. At another level, it is also a reflection of it being a Singapore brand.

Professionalism | Respect | Integrity | Diversity | Ethics   


Professionalism: We commit to the development of competencies
Respect: We believe in human dignity and choice
Integrity: We practise honest communication and engagement
Diversity: We embrace multiculturalism
Ethics: We uphold the standards expressed within our code of ethics