Membership Benefits

All Categories of Members

  • Usage of the respective post-nominal titles
    • Fellow Member – FSAC
    • Master Clinical Member – MMSAC
    • Clinical Member – CMSAC
  • Right to vote (except Student and Associate Members) and hold office^ within the Association (^only for Fellow, Master Clinical and Clinical Members)
  • Opportunities for involvement and contribution towards the future development of the counselling profession
  • Opportunities to publish research findings and counselling literature on the SAC website
  • Networking opportunities
  • Special rates for SAC workshops and counselling-related developmental courses
  • Access to job opportunities, events, latest updates within the field
  • Free subscription to SAC e-newsletters and publications

SAC-Registered Counsellors and Registered Clinical Supervisors shall be entitled to additional benefits:

  • Usage of the post-nominal title “RegCLR” and “RegClinSup”
  • Professional Recognition as SAC Registered Counsellors and Registered Clinical Supervisors
  • Name to be listed on the SAC Register and uploaded onto the SAC website
  • Discounted premium to apply for AIG-SAC Professional Indemnity insurance

Registered Counsellors who have achieved the requirements can apply to be a Registered Clinical Supervisor.