Course Recognition

The Singapore Association for Counselling has established a Register for trained counsellors. With this register came a clarification of the standards of training an individual would need to accomplish to become registered. This has been done at an individual level, and has been important for assuring the quality of care of clients…

It is now seen as an important next step to identify, without any form of inconsistency, programmes that would effectively train counsellors to meet the standards of the Register.

Providers of Counsellor Education and Training Programmes may apply to the SAC Counsellors’ Education Board (previously known as Course Recognition Board) and to be placed on the list of Recognised Higher Education Course Providers.

Course Recognition Manual:
Please click here to access the the course recognition manual.

Your Application must have following sections : 

a. Cover Sheet
b. Contents
c. Historical Background
d. Aims of the course
e. Course structure
f. Detailed syllabus of each module
g. Specific Elements of Counsellor Training
h. Full resumes of the staff
i. Other Aspects of the Course
j. Appendices
k. Conclusion

Please submit your completed sets of documents addressed to the “SAC Counsellors’ Education Board” and scan the documents to the SAC Secretariat.

Any questions or enquiries can be directed to the SAC Board for Course Recognition at the following email address – Thank you.