To become a Registered Counsellor, only Clinical Member can submit application via online portal:-

  1. A one-time admin fee of $50 is applicable for the applying of Clinical Membership.
  2. Upload pdf copies of your counselling log sheet (600 face-to-face counselling) endorsed by your supervisor(s) or Director
  3. Upload pdf copies of your clinical supervision log sheet (60 hours of Clinical Supervision) endorsed by a SAC Registered Counsellor or SAC Registered Clinical Supervisor or equivalent
  4. Upload pdf copies of your academic transcripts from universities
  5. Current letter of employment on a company letterhead
  6. Have a valid Professional Indemnity Insurance (“PI”) cover from your company or insured under SAC’s AIG Group Insurer (New Requirement w.e.f. March 2015 – Please see Article 5.5 of the SAC Constitution).  You can also apply for exemption.

*2-Yearly Renewal of Registered Counsellor Status

According to Article 5.3 of the SAC Constitution, for each two-year period registered as a SAC Registered Counsellors, the registrant shall renew by fulfilling the following requirements via online:-

  1. Complete 50 hours of Continuing Professional Education (Upload Proof of CPE training)
  2. Complete 400 hours of face-to-face counselling
  3. Have a valid Professional Indemnity Insurance