Executive Committee (2024 – 2026)

Mr Andy Lam

BSc GDip(SW) MSocSc(Counselling) RegCLR RegClinSup RSW MMSAC

Andy is currently the Executive Director of Viriya Community Services, a social service organisation. Andy has been in practice for about 18 years. His areas of interest include the provision of casework services and clinical supervision, improving standards of practice through practice evaluation, and training and organisational development. He was previously a Senior Court Family Specialist with the Family Justice Courts, focusing on family dispute resolution work, extending from his strong belief in systemic principles. Prior to being elected as the President of SAC, Andy has contributed in various capacities in the association for more than 12 years.

Ms Giam Xiuhui, Jenny

MSocSc(Counselling) RegCLR RegClinSup RSSP CSAC PCC CMSAC

Jenny Giam has over a decade of counselling experience across various social service settings, including family service centre, residential homes, government agencies and mental health and education institutions. Her diverse roles have refined her counselling and case management skills. Beyond counselling, Jenny has held leadership and management positions within clinical settings.

Beside serving the SAC on various boards, Jenny also serves as an Auxiliary Counsellor with the Singapore Army Forces Volunteer Corps and a Victim Care Officer with the Singapore Police Force.

Hema Gurnani (Ms)

MA(Counselling) GDip (Edu) Dip (Child Psy) RegCLR RegClinSup RSSP MMSAC

Hema is the Co-founder and Director for AppleTree Counselling Pte Ltd. She has over two decades of clinical counselling experience in the social service sector. Prior to starting her own private practice, she was the head of a government-funded social service agency for over a decade.

As a systemic family therapist, she continues counselling local and expatriate pre-schoolers, children, youths, and their families. Besides this, she is passionate about supporting families by going the extra mile to support divorce and divorcing families, single parents, and their children.

As a clinical supervisor, university lecturer, and mentor, her passion resides in grooming interns and buddying counsellors. This has afforded her the opportunity to continue building her own clinical competencies whilst also raising the professional standard of community practitioners.

In her desire to continue raising the standard of Singapore’s counselling fraternity, she had served in the Community Counsellors sub-committee, and the Counsellors Education Board. In the past 10 years she has also taken on myriad roles as Member, Treasurer, and Assistant Honorary Secretary within the Executive Committee. Since 2022, Hema has served as the 2nd Vice President for Singapore Association for Counselling.

Ms Au Hoi Ting

BPsych(Hons) MCouns MSW RegCLR RSW CMSAC

Hoi Ting has  more than a decade of experience in the social service sector. With a dual Masters in Counselling and Social Work, she is deeply committed to continuous learning and professional growth.

Currently, Hoi Ting’s focus lies in the provision of family counselling and divorce support, alongside her role in supervision work. Utilizing experiential approaches, she strives to enrich her practice with individuals and multi-stressed families. Her dedication to enhancing her skills leads her to pursue training in psychodrama, further enriching her therapeutic toolkit.

In addition to Hoi Ting’s professional endeavors, she has been actively involved in various capacities within SAC, serving on Boards and Subcommittees since 2016. Furthermore, she is passionate about contributing to the well-being of children and youths, dedicating her time to volunteer work with non-profit organizations. Currently, she has the privilege of serving as a Victim Care Officer with the Singapore Police Force.

Ms Cindy Loh Bee Chin

BSc(Psych) MSocSc(Counselling) RegCLR RegClinSup MMSAC

Cindy Loh has been in counselling practice since 2009, working with distressed couples and families going through challenging life’s transitions.  She obtained her first Degree in Psychology with the U.K. Open University and subsequently completed her Masters in Counselling with University of South Australia.  She is a Certified Emotionally Focused Therapist (ICEEFT, Asia-EFT) and has served in the sub-committees of Counsellors Education Board and Membership of SAC since 2022.

She is currently running her own counselling practice at New Page Counselling Centre and provides clinical supervision and training for various social service agencies.

Ms Xiao Li En

BA(Psych & Humanities) Dip(Dyslexia Studies) Dip(Special Needs) MCouns RegCLR RegClinSup CCTP-II CMSAC

Li En holds a Master in Counselling (Monash University), a degree majoring in psychology and sociology (Monash University), and diplomas in special needs (National Institute of Education) and dyslexia studies (Dyslexia Association of Singapore). She has more than 16 years of experience working in the social service, education and health sectors as a practitioner, mentor, and clinical supervisor. Li En has worked with people of various age groups who face challenges due to family conflicts, academic stress, mental health, special needs, trauma, financial and blood cancer. Currently, Li En is working at Hwa Chong Institution (College) as a school counsellor.

Mr Anthony Wong Teck Boon

MA(Counselling & Guidance) PGCert(Clinical Supervision) RegCLR RegClinSup CSAC MMSAC

Anthony has dedicated over 10,000 hours to face-to-face client counselling. He is an accomplished trainer in Choice Theory and Reality Therapy. Through his extensive experience, he developed the "Integrative Somatic Narrative" (ISN) approach. Known for his innovative contributions, including "The Alchemy of Self: A Resilience Workbook" and the therapy card deck "Values: The Reason For Our Being," Anthony is currently pursuing a PhD in Counseling and Psychological Studies focusing on Trauma and Crisis. He actively conducts training and workshops on trauma-related topics and supports schools in adopting trauma-informed practices, underscoring his commitment to nurturing a trauma-informed community.

Ms Lim Bee Bee Carolyn


Counsellor at Care Corner Counselling Centre, certified team lead in Therapeutic Spiral Model (TSM) supporting people in both experiential personal and group therapy in Trauma and Mental Health for over a decade enhancing people's lives. Runs monthly personal and group supervision. Earlier with Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE) and AWWA Family Service Centre.

Ms Ruth Chua

BA(Social Work & Sociology) MSc(Family & Systemic Psychotherapy) RegCLR RegClinSup MMSAC

Ruth Chua obtained her first degree in Social Work (NUS) and subsequently completed her Masters in Family and Systemic Psychotherapy with Middlesex University (London). She spent 25 years in Counselling and Care Centre working as a Psychotherapist and continued as the Executive Director from Year 2013 till July 2022.

She is currently working part-time as a family therapist at KKH and a Clinical Consultant and Trainer for various Social Service agencies.

Mr Sam Roberts

PGDip(Counselling) MAC RegCLR CMSAC

As the Founder and Director of Olive Branch Psychology and Counseling Services, Sam Roberts offers a wealth of experience and dedication to mental wellness.

With a background in regional HR Management, rooted in leadership and counselling, Sam serves in various capacities showcasing a versatile skill set and a keen understanding of human dynamics. With a relentless pursuit of growth and impact, Sam continues to advance his expertise, currently pursuing a doctorate in psychology.

At Olive Branch, Sam leads a dynamic team of counselors, offering comprehensive services tailored to a diverse clientele including expats spanning children, teenagers, adults, couples, and the elderly.

Additionally, Sam is deeply passionate about IT, leveraging technology to enhance the delivery of mental health services and streamline operational processes.

Whether in private or corporate settings, Sam is committed to holistic well-being, guiding individuals, and communities together towards brighter futures.

Ms Denise Yap

BA(Psych) MSocSc(Counselling) RegCLR RegClinSup CMSAC

Denise holds a Masters in Counselling (Swinburne University), a Bachelors degree in Psychology (National University of Singapore), and a Post graduate Certificate in Clinical Supervision (Swinburne University). She has been practising counselling for over a decade and focuses mainly on the work with youths and their parents across the educational and social service settings. Besides counselling and supervision, Denise has experience as a trainer and has held managerial positions in the social service setting. She is currently working at Limitless as a senior counsellor leading the Information and Referral team.

A/Prof Frederick Low

DProfSt RegCLR RegClinSup CPsychol AFBPsS MMSAC

A/Prof Frederick Low is a counselling practitioner and educator with over 20 years of experience in the social service and education sectors in Singapore. He has played clinical leadership and management roles in social service agencies, most recently being the Executive Director of Children's Aid Society. At present, Frederick is an Associate Professor of Counselling at James Cook University. He continues to maintain a small but active private practice.

Frederick served the Association in many capacities since 2010. He was Chair for the School & College Counsellors Sub-committee, Register of Counsellors Board, Counsellors Education Board, Co-Chair for the Research & Publications Committee, and as the Immediate Past President.. Outside the Association, he has served on governmental expert panels on family life education and family counselling as well as a university’s Advisory Board on student wellness. In addition, he also supports the work of Ministry-appointed Child Protection Specialist Centres as a member of the multidisciplinary case review teams.

Frederick is a Registered Counsellor, Psychologist and Social Service Practitioner in Singapore, a Chartered Psychologist in the UK and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.