Executive Committee

Sam Kuna is the Dean of the School of Counselling and an Associate Professor at TCA College, a multi-disciplinary Christian college pioneered by the Trinity Christian Centre, Singapore. Currently the President of the Singapore Association for Counselling (2016-2018), Sam is an SAC Registered Counsellor and Registered Clinical Supervisor.  

Trained in psychology as well as marriage, family and child counselling, he is a practicing family therapist, a sandplay practitioner, as well as addiction counsellor. He is a member of the Association for Marital and Family Therapy (Singapore), as well as the Asia Pacific Certification Board (APCB) which establishes and promotes standards of care amongst addiction professionals in the Asia-Pacific region.

Sam is also a preacher and an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God of Singapore.

Frederick has held many roles in the area of counsellor education and research in the past decade. As a former lecturer with James Cook University (Singapore), he nurtures new counsellors before they enter practice. For those in the field, he is a supervisor, consultant and at times, a trainer. He also serves on editorial boards and scientific committees of scholarly journals and conferences in counselling and psychology.

Frederick presently serves as the Vice-President of the Singapore Association for Counselling. He was Chairman of SAC’s Course Recognition Board from 2014 - 2016 and is now working with stakeholders in the field in reviewing the local counsellor education landscape and the future of SAC’s role in course recognition and regulation. Frederick is an SAC Registered Counsellor and Registered Clinical Supervisor. He is also a Chartered Psychologist and an Associate Fellow of British Psychological Society.

Trina Tan currently leads a team as Centre Director of the Whampoa Family Service Centre (WFSC). WFSC works with the community and collaborates with partners mainly within the Whampoa area.

She is the Honorary Secretary of SAC and is an SAC Registered Counsellor and Registered Clinical Supervisor. She holds a Master in Counselling Psychology and is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Education.

Hema Gurnani is the Director of WINGS Counselling Centre. Established in 1995, the agency provides professional counselling services to clients from 2.5 to 65 years. Since 2008, the agency has been supported by the National Council of Social Service with the status of ‘Institute of Public Character.

She is the Honorary Treasurer (2016-2018) with the Singapore Association for Counselling, a committee member of the Course Recognition Board and Community Counsellor’s sub-committee since 2014. She is also an SAC Registered Counsellor and Registered Clinical Supervisor.

With a Masters in Education & Counselling (Child Psychology), she specialises in children, youth, and family & couple counselling. She is also an accredited play, sand tray and symbol work therapist, assessor and supervisor for Home Study Reports for the Ministry of Social and Family Development, a social work practitioner with the Singapore Association for Social Work, an adjunct lecturer with James Cook University and Clinical supervisor and lecturer with the Executive Training and Counselling Academy.

Dan Ng has been a counsellor in various settings and currently serves as a Senior Counsellor in the healthcare sector. He is passionate in developing the intervention for his clients and was previously with the Home Palliative Team in providing psychosocial intervention. Dan is also a Clinical Supervisor providing individual, group supervision and case consultations. He believes in leveraging and collaborates with other professions to provide optimal and holistic support for clients.

Dan is currently the Assistant Honorary Secretary and oversees all membership applications. He also serves with the Register Board to support membership application. Dan is an SAC Registered Counsellor and Registered Clinical Supervisor.

Joyce Chan is an SAC Registered Counsellor and Registered Clinical Supervisor. She is also a registered social service practitioner with the Singapore Social Work Association (SASW) as well as an associate licensed minister with the Assemblies of God of Singapore.

With 19 years of experience in the social sector either working directly with clients or in management, Joyce is also an adjunct lecturer and clinical supervisor with schools offering post-graduate diploma and Master programmes in counselling.

Reena Goenka, an SAC Registered Counsellor and REgistered Clinical Supervisor, is in private practice.  With a Masters in Professional Counselling and Diploma in Clinical Supervision, Reena has significant experience to support and facilitate changes in her clients using a variety of different therapy models, including transactional analysis, EMDR therapy, hypnotherapy and family therapy.

Reena has extensive experience working with different groups including children, teenagers, adults, parents, families and professionals for a variety of concerns such as relationship issues, conflict resolution, communication, work-life balance, parenting for bonding. She employs hypnotherapy and EMDR therapy for pain management, anxiety and stress management, trauma, abuse, depression, fears, phobias, exam anxiety, as well as empowering self-confidence.

Andy has worked in the social service sector for more than 10 years. His areas of expertise include the provision of casework services and clinical supervision, improving standards of practice through practice evaluation, and training and organisational development. An SAC Registered Counsellor and Registered Clinical Supervisor, as well as a Registered Social Worker and DISC-certified human behaviour consultant, Andy is also choice theory / reality therapy certified. He is currently an Assistant Director with Viriya Community Services, focusing on practice evaluation and standards within the organisation, sectorial involvement through the participation of workgroups and training, particularly around the Code of Social Work Practice for Family Service Centres in Singapore.

Andy holds a degree in Master of Social Science (Counselling) from the University of South Australia and a Graduate Diploma in Social Work from the Singapore University of Social Sciences (formerly known as SIM University), in addition to a Bachelor of Science with the National University of Singapore.

Zullkarnain is currently into his 6th year as a guidance counsellor at Raffles Institution. With a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from NUS, he first joined the Ministry of Education as a full-time school counsellor in 2005. He has a Diploma in School Counselling (NIE) and obtained his Master in Counselling from Monash University in 2010.

He is chairperson of the Academic Counselling Sub-Committee of SAC, and is a SAC Registered Counsellor. With an Advanced Certificate in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), he uses CBT as his primary modality in counselling.

Celine is a certified counselling psychologist. She is also certified as a clinical supervisor by the Australian Counselling Association and a Registered Counsellor with SAC. A founder/owner of Singapore Personal Counselling Service since 2013, she has worked in Australia and Singapore for a number of years, helping people who face complex challenges and struggles with day-to-day life. She specialises in family and relationship issues, depression, stress reduction and anger management, as well as dealing with grief and loss. Celine has worked with different age groups and is very versatile in her therapeutic skills to provide a non-judgmental environment for all client consultations. One of her passions is to inspire others to obtain qualifications in the counselling field, and to that end, has extensive experience in developing and teaching Psychology and Counselling courses at a number of tertiary institutions. She has also conducted several workshops for government schools by giving talks to parents as she is an speaker approved by the Ministry of Social and Family Development. She has also conducted specialised training with various other organisations including the Singapore Prison, Singapore Scouts Association, Institute of Technical Education, and Health Promotion Board.