To become an SAC Registered Clinical Supervisor (RCS), only SAC Registered Counsellors (RC) can submit an application via email.


  1. A one-time admin fee of $50.00 is applicable for the application of Registered Clinical Supervisor.
  2. Minimum three (3) years post SAC Registered Counsellor status

Documents to be submitted via email to

  1. Application Form
  2. SAC Registered Clinical Supervisor (RCS) Summary Sheet
  3. PDF copies of your counselling log sheet
    1. Minimum 1500 post-graduation Practice Hours, of which at least 50 hours were for the provision of supervision and;
    2. Log-sheets must be endorse2020.11 Nov – Application Form (Registered Clinical Supervisor)d by your Head of Organisation or equivalent on each individual page
  4. PDF copies of your clinical supervision log sheet
    1. Minimum one hundred (100) hours of supervision received post-graduation
    2. Log sheets must be endorsed by an SAC Registered Clinical Supervisor
    3. If you have multiple supervisors, please use separate log sheets for each supervisor
  5. PDF copies of your academic transcript(s) and certificate(s) from universities
    1. Minimum Masters’ Degree
  6. PDF copies of your training in Clinical Supervision certificates
    1. Minimum fifty (50) Hours
  7. Have a valid Professional Indemnity Insurance (“PI”) cover from your company or insured under SAC’s AIG Group Insurer (New Requirement w.e.f. March 2015 – Please see Article 5.5 of the SAC Constitution).  You can also apply for exemption by completing an exemption form.

Click here to download a PDF copy of criteria for application as an SAC Registered Clinical Supervisor.

*2-Yearly Renewal of Registered Clinical Supervisor Status

Currently, the Board does not require any submissions of renewal applications, and thus registrant will just need to ensure the following:-

  1. Have an active Registered Counsellor status
  2. Have a valid Professional Indemnity Insurance


  1. Members who applied before the SAC portal was introduced may wish to write to SAC Secretariat to retrieve submitted files, where available
  2. Post-graduation certificates of qualification that were accepted for admission as a SAC Registered Counsellor
  3. Log-sheets refer to those submitted during the admission as a Clinical Member / Registered Counsellor
    1. Members may wish to write to SAC Secretariat to retrieve submitted logs, where available
  4. A SAC Registered Clinical Supervisor / Registered Counsellor or equivalent