Application Process for New Registered Clinical Supervisors – Updated January 2017 and will remain effective until 1 July 2018.

NOTE: After this date, the New Clinical Supervision Components and New Clinical Supervisor Application Standards will be activated.

Applicants must meet the following criteria:-

  1. Have at least five years of working experience as a professional counsellor
  2. Fulfilled a minimum of 1000 face-to-face hours in supervised practice
  3. Submit proof of Formal training hours (practicum) received in clinical supervision supported by your Director or Supervisor
  4. Full transcripts from Universities

SAC Registered Counsellors wanting to be registered as Registered Clinical Supervisors must show:-

  1. At least 100 hours of clinical supervision given within 2 years
  2. Formal training certificates with transcripts and number of training hours received

All applicants must demonstrate clinical and supervisory competencies which benefit individual practitioners and training institutes that require supervision for their students and interns.

Approved Registered Clinical Supervisors may use the postnominal title: RegClinSup

Application/Renewal Fee

From January 2017, all Registered Clinical Supervisors are to make a payment of $50.00 annually to remain listed on the Register of Clinical Supervisors.

Renewal for Registered Clinical Supervisors will be done every two years starting from June 2018 via online membership portal.


NOTE: All Registered Clinical Supervisors are reminded that they have to maintain their status as Registered Counsellors in order to be listed on the Register of Clinical Supervisors