Job Opportunities – Rehabilitation Counsellor

About SACS

Singapore Anglican Community Services (SACS) is a community service arm of the Diocese of Singapore.  It offers psychiatric rehabilitation services (residential and day care) as well as care services for families-in-crisis, youths-at-risks, and seniors to age-in-place.  SACS’s goal is to minister to those who are under-served and disadvantaged – to help them restore dignity, health and well-being so that they have the opportunity to live life to its fullest potential.

Job Summary

The Rehabilitation Counsellor supports people with mental health issues to gain and sustain employment and/or re-employment in the competitive job market according to the principles of psychiatric rehabilitation.  The incumbent is expected to do case management work, counsel his or her clients in the course of the service, and liaise with caregivers and/or other community services that the client is connected to.  The incumbent is also expected to assist in the employment training and provide support to the peer support network.

Job Description

  • Provides case management services to clients which includes intake assessment, vocational readiness assessment, individualized care plans, counselling, and other clinical best practices relevant to clients’ recovery goals.
  • Assist clients in creating strategies to develop their strengths and adjust to their limitations at workplace.
  • Monitor clients’ progress and adjust the rehabilitation or care plan as necessary.
  • Timely submission of clinical documentation
  • Be involved in case supervision, case presentation and case conference.
  • Help employers understand the needs and abilities of persons with mental health issues.
  • Support and contribute in effective change management, and strengthening collaborative network within the social service/mental health sector.
  • Partner SACS Psychiatric Services’ team of professionals to promote mental wellness in the community.

Job Requirements

  • Degree in Counselling / Psychology / Social Work
  • At least 2 years of relevant experience
  • Passion to work with persons with mental health issues
  • Effective team player and good interpersonal skills
  • Good problem solving skills and advocate for mental health causes.
  • Competent in case management work and counselling
  • Knowledge of mental illness, its treatment and medication preferred.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Able to converse in various local languages / dialects


Simei Street 3, Singapore 529897

To know more about the job details, kindly contact Ms Mary Yong at 6812 0842/6812 0888 or email her at


Motivational Interviewing

27th – 28th February 2019

 Workshop Presenter

Dr. Joel Porter

– Joel has international experience working with a wide range of services and he is well-known for his Motivational Interviewing training workshops. He has provided MI workshops in various countries. As the Associate Clinical Director of Lives Lived Well in Queensland, Australia, he holds an Adjunct Associate Professor position at the University of Canberra – Centre for Applied Psychology and a Consultant to the UNODC.

Joel has also collaborated on publishes research projects, book chapters and provided key presentations at international conferences.

Workshop Outlines 

Motivational Interviewing (MI) follows from the US and builds especially on thebCarl Rogers person centred approach. It is excellent in cases
where change is required .

Why is there ambiguity on the part of the employee? MI helps
the person overcome this and build on inner strength and not
external motivations. MI revolutionise human resources through an old craft of asking the right questions.

It is also a collaborative conversation style for strengthening a person’s own motivation and commitment to change. MI is used by various helping professionals to work with different profiles of employees.

MI is about inspiring the person to change. It is evocative, it seeks to call forth the person’s own motivation and commitment.

Venue: Katong Village Hotel, Singapore

Time: 9am – 5pm

Cost: $800 per participant

For Enquiries related to the workshop, please contact Andrew at +65 9820 0904 or Ian +65 9830 8401 or visit


Level 1 Theraplay & MIM plus Group Theraplay Workshop

8th – 12th April 2019

Workshop Outlines

Donna Gates is a certified Theraplay Therapist and Senior Supervisor and Trainer for the Theraplay Institute. For the past 20 years, she has done individual, couples and family therapy as well as domestic violence treatment, anger management treatment for adults and children, and parenting training and consultation.

Workshop Outlines

What is Theraplay?

Theraplay is an attachment based, trauma-informed method of interacting with children. It is adult-directed, structured play that incorporates playful, cooperative and nurturing activities that enhance the emotional well-being of children.

Theraplay is beneficial to all children, not just those with behavioural, emotional or developmental problems. It has been accepted by SAMHSA as an evidence-based practice and can be done with an individual child and his/her caregiver or worker, in families or with groups of children in pre-schools, Primary and Secondary schools.

What is the Marschak Interaction Method (MIM)?

It is a structured technique for observing and assessing the relationship between two individuals, such as the biological parent and child, foster or adoptive parent and child, supportive caregiver and child.  It consists of a series of simple tasks designed to elicit a range of behaviours in four dimensions.

The training is interactive, intense and practical to ensure participants leave with the knowledge and skills to begin Theraplay in their work. It includes sessions to practise a variety of Theraplay activities, use of video segments to feature demonstration of treatment of a real client family, and concludes with the creation of a treatment plan and a chance to practise it for feedback. The registration fee also includes participation in two web supervision sessions.

Workshop Fees

Early Bird Registration before 31 Jan 2019 – $1,665.00.

Registration from 1 Feb – 22 Mar – $1,865.00.

To Register, click here

For enquiries, please email Morning Star Community Services at email with the subject title “Theraplay Training”.



25 – 26 Apr 2019

Workshop Presenter

Dr. Lilian Nejad – A Clinical Psychologist and author with over 20 years of experiences treating adults with mild to severe psychological issues. Her aim is to promote accurate and non-judgmental views on mental health and to provide solutions for them. Dr. Lilian has been in specialist and senior psyhcologist positions within the public mental health services. She was a lecturer at Monash University and now, she holds a private practice in Melbourne, Australia.

Workshop Outlines

This 2-day workshop provides the knowledge of anxiety and the expertise to deal with the issues. It addresses various issues for the young and adults. The workshop will cover the following:

  • Definition, symptoms and function of Anxiety
  • Why Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)
  • CBT: Model, Aims and Components
  • Cognitive Therapy
  • Behavioral Strategies
  • Integrating Third wave techniques into CBT
  • Integrating technology into treatment
  • Treatment guidelines for specific anxiety disorders

Price: $850.00
Venue: Village Hotel Katong

For more information, please click on Anxiety

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For enquiries, please contact Mr Andrew at 9820 0904 or email to



29 – 30 Apr 2019

Workshop Presenter

Dr. Lilian Nejad – A Clinical Psychologist and author with over 20 years of experiences treating adults with mild to severe psychological issues. Her aim is to promote accurate and non-judgmental views on mental health and to provide solutions for them. Dr. Lilian has been in specialist and senior psyhcologist positions within the public mental health services. She was a lecturer at Monash University and now, she holds a private practice in Melbourne, Australia. She specialises in CBT treatment of clients with anxiety and depressive orders.

Workshop Outlines

This 2-day workshop allow you to identify common lifeblockers and use evidence-based strategies to help manage through behaviors and emotions that block them from living a fulfilling life and by addressing the common emotional, behavioral and cognitive obstacles to mental well-being using an eclectic approach.

Price: $850.00
Venue: Village Hotel Katong

For more information, please click on Lifeblockers

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For enquiries, please contact Mr Andrew at 9820 0904 or email to


Introduction to Complex Trauma

13 – 14 May 2019

Workshop Presenter

Prof. Sandra Paivio – PhD., C. Psych, is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Psychology, University of Windsor. She maintains a private practice in Toronto, Canada. She is one of the developers of emotion-focused therapy, particularly applied to complex trauma (EFTT), has conducted clinical trials evaluating the efficacy and processes of change in EFTT, and is author of numerous publications on trauma and psychotherapy.

Workshop Outlines

This 2-day workshop provides the theoretical framework and practice of Emotion-Focused Therapy for Complex Trauma (EFTT). It addresses various issues such as central features of disturbance, advantages of EFTT, etc. It also provides strategies and guidelines to help clients confront various kinds of feelings. The learning objectives are listed below:

  • Understand the nature of complex trauma and the central role of emotional processes in disturbance
  • Understand the EFTT treatment model and how therapy addresses central features of disturbance
  • Understand intervention guidelines for the phases of therapy and corresponding
    therapeutic tasks, including cultivating an empathic therapeutic alliance;
    promoting emotion regulation; reducing fear, avoidance, and shame; accessing
    anger and sadness.
  • Understand interventions to help clients safely confront trauma feelings and
    memories (with and without chair-work) and construct more adaptive meaning
    regarding self, others, and traumatic events.

For more information, please click on Intro to Complex Trauma

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For enquiries, please contact Caper Spring at 81418002 or email


The Incredible Years – Group Leaders Training

I. Parents & Babies Programme: 21 – 22 May 2019

II. Toddler/Preschool/School Age Programme: 23-24, 27-28 May 2019

Workshop Presenter

Kimberlee Shoecraft – B.S. in Sociology, Master’s in Social Work and a Post Graduate Certificate Program in
Psychological Trauma

She’s a social services practitioner for more than 14 years, a Certified Mentor/Trainer for The Incredible Years® since 2009. She has facilitated parent groups, parent and
infant groups and children groups for many years with high-risk populations. Kimberlee also provides
training programmes for social service professionals both in America and internationally.

Workshop Outlines

i. Parents & Babies Programme

  • The 9-session programme focuses on teaching parents how to
    provide nurturing parenting to babies including: offering physical, tactile, verbal and visual
    stimulation, coping with crying babies, safety proofing one’s house, and understanding the
    developmental needs of babies.

ii. Toddler/Preschool/School Age Programme

  • The training will cover in depth the group-based BASIC Parenting Programmes, which are designed to promote positive parenting strategies and assist parents in managing children’s behaviour problems. Three Incredible Years® Programmes are covered in the BASIC Training: Toddler Parent Programme, Preschool Basic Parent Programme and School Age Basic Programme.

Workshop Fees

i. Parents & Babies Programme: $592.00

ii. Toddler/Preschool/School Age Programme: $1,082.00

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For enquiries, email with the subject title ÏY Group Leaders Training”

For course brochure, click here


Competency Based Clinical Supervision 2 Days Workshop

17 – 18 June 2019

Workshop Presenter

Christine Senediak is a Snr Clinical Psychologist with over 35 years of clinical and supervisory experience. She is the Director of Clinical Supervision Services and the Sydney Family Therapy Training Institute. She has a strong interest in evidence based practice and systems theory and integrates this in her work as therapist,
educator and supervisor. Christine is the author of numerous
publications in this field.

Workshop Outlines

This 12 hours CPD workshop provides a thorough understanding of principles and practice of supervision. There will be live demonstrations, small group activities, practices and discussions. From this, you will learn about the knowledge and confidence and the skills needed in managing both group and individual supervision.


  • Setting up competency based clinical supervision
  •  Establishing and managing the supervisory relationship – the working alliance
  • Live demonstration (pre-supervisory meeting; contract setting and establishing learning goals)
  • Reflective practice theory and practice
  • Supervision interventions (using videos and tapes, assessment of skill acquisition)
  • Micro-skills training, modelling and demonstrations
  • Structural considerations (individual vs group contexts, tele-health supervision)
  • Techniques and methods including case consultation, writing activities, journal, log books, process recoding, and structured case review forms and live observation methods
  • Supervision relationship issues; working with diversity; ethical issues in practice
  • Evaluation methods
  • Providing effective feedback

Venue: ACC EduHub (51 Cuppage Road #03-03 Singapore 229469)

Date & Time: Monday (17th June) – 9am to 4.30pm, Tuesday (18th June) – 8.30am to 4pm

Workshop Fees

Early Bird (ends 3rd May): $660.00 (AUD), Standard (from 4th May): $720.00 (AUD)

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For enquiries, email or visit